John Turner spent his life growing up between the coast of Maine and the slopes at Park City, Utah. At a young age, it was ingrained in him that his happiness would come from working for himself while creating something that he could be proud of. This entrepreneurial spirit is what kept John up late at night while forming the ideas that would evolve into the Traps Eyewear brand. Having seen many parts of the world, he came back to Maine because of its beauty, but most of all because of its opportunity. John has the ability to see opportunity in disregarded material such as washed up ocean plastic or old discarded lobster traps.




Daniel Dougherty’s detail oriented personal style can be seen in all aspects of his life creating an image that sets him apart.  Charismatic and dynamic, Daniel can easily adjust from city life to farm life.  Using his personal lifestyle to create a unique aesthetic, he has been involved with projects from NYC to Japan to Maine.  The desire for original, quality product is what drives him. Traps Eyewear has become an outlet for Daniel to exercise his passion while providing a high end, fashion forward product that’s craftsmanship and detail are unmatchable. 

“I want to make a product that improves someone’s lifestyle, something that they can hold onto for years. Using repurposed wood from a fisherman that loved what they did to create a product that you can hold, wear, and be a staple for your personal style has been the driving force behind Traps Eyewear.”